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Comment Attachments

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What is it?

MarkUp users can attach and share any file type to their comments or replies. Yes, that means you can now share videos, images, pdfs, audio files, and more through MarkUp and anyone associated with your MarkUp project can view and download those files. 

How it works?

  1. When adding a new comment or replying to an existing comment, simply click the attachment icon next to ‘Post’. This will allow you to select files from your computer to attach.
  2. After selecting your files, you can add or remove files from your comment in the ‘attach files’ modal, prior to posting your comment.
  1. Once a comment is posted, a user cannot add new files to it, but they can add additional file attachments in a reply to the comment. A user can also delete files from their comment. 

Important reminder: When replying to a comment with an attachment, make sure to click ‘Post’ after attaching the file. 

Is there a storage limit?

There is currently only a storage limit in place to prevent abuse. It is very unlikely that you will ever hit this limit. 

Is storage free?

Currently, you can upload as much as you’d like for free! When MarkUp does implement paid tiers, however, we will add a storage limit to the free plan. 

Fear not though, we will give you plenty of warning for this change and we will not count any previous storage towards the limit. 

If you have any questions about attaching files, please do not hesitate to reach out!

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