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Create a MarkUp Project

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Types of Projects

When you get to your MarkUp Dashboard, you can create two different types of projects:

  1. You can create a URL-based project by typing in any URL
  2. You can create an image-based project by uploading images from your computer’s library

Website Projects

It doesn’t matter if you’re working on a new website, landing page, sales collateral, or a new product: if it has a URL, you can place it into MarkUp. When you upload your URL, MarkUp places a canvas over top of your site which allows you to place comments directly on your site and collaborate with others. For sites that require login access, we highly recommend using our Chrome Extension that allows for authenticated sites as well as improved load times and rendering.

Image & PDF Projects

In order to capture more of the creative process, MarkUp also allows you to upload any image or PDF from your computer’s library. You can create a project with unlimited images or a single PDF and you can also reorder pages, delete them, or add more to an existing project.

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