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Inviting Users

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When you’re ready to share a project with your team, clients, or any project stakeholder, there are two methods for inviting users. Both methods start by clicking the “Share” button at the bottom right of the project OR at the bottom right of the project thumbnail on your MarkUp Dashboard. 

Once you click “Share” there are two ways to add users to your project:

  1. Highly recommended method: You can copy the project invite link and send that out to anyone via email, project management tools (Asana/Trello), communications tools (Slack/Teams) or however you prefer to share it. Anyone who has this link can access the project. You can continue to use the same copied link to invite as many people as you’d like.
  1. You can add someone to the project by entering their email address and hitting ‘Send”. You can do this only with one email at a time.

Guest Users

We know that everyone doesn’t always want to sign up for another product. So one of the best features of MarkUp is the ability to join a project as a guest user. Guest users can enter a project with the same functionality as a full user except they won’t have access to their own MarkUp Dashboard. Guests only need to enter a name. No email is required unless they prefer to get project notifications. We recommend guest access for anyone who will be a one-off or temporary MarkUp reviewer or collaborator.

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