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MarkUp and Your CMS

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Changing Your Site’s Content

The first thing to note is that as you make changes to your site in your CMS or content creation platform, those changes will also get pushed through to your MarkUp project. In some cases, when making changes to your site in your CMS, those changes may take some time to push through to MarkUp. This typically depends on WIFI, server connection, and making sure you clear your cache. 

Once you begin placing comments in MarkUp, if you remove an asset that a MarkUp pin was previously tied to, that pin will disappear inside MarkUp. The pin will still appear on the left hand comment panel but will no longer be visible on your website inside MarkUp. We highly recommend using the MarkUp Chrome Extension which allows you to include automatic screenshots with each comment you make. This assures that, no matter how often you make changes to your site while it’s in MarkUp, every comment will have screenshotted context as to what changes have taken place.

Changing Your Site’s URL Structure

Pins inside MarkUp are synced to the original URL you use when creating a MarkUp project. After you create a MarkUp project, if you change your site’s URL structure, that will cause pins to disappear inside your existing MarkUp project. This is because a change in your URL will change what the pins are supposed to be sticking to, resulting in lost pins. We will eventually release the ability to update your URL inside of MarkUp when you make a change to the URL structure.

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