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MarkUp Loom Integration

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What is it?

MarkUp has partnered with Loom to bring the screen and camera recording capabilities of Loom to MarkUp. The integration enables you to record, embed, view, and interact with Loom videos directly within MarkUp – adding clarity and context to your feedback.

These video messages not only save you time writing out comments, they provide so much more nuance, personality, and clarity to every single point of feedback.

How to use it?

You’ll now see a video icon in every new comment or reply. Upon clicking that, the Loom integration will prompt you to choose whether you want to record just your screen, your face, or both! When you’re done recording, you can choose to automatically save it to your comment, re-record, or discard entirely. 

What browsers are supported?

The Loom SDK integration is only supported on the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome v90+
  • Microsoft Edge v90+
  • Brave v1.22+

We do not currently support Firefox because, while the MediaRecorder API is supported, performance does not meet our quality bar. We will continue to evaluate Firefox support for future inclusion. 

Safari recently made MediaRecorder support GA, and we will look to add Safari support soon!

Happy recording 🙂

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