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Navigating Your MarkUp Project

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Comment vs Browse

Once you enter a MarkUp project, you are automatically in comment mode. You can simply click anywhere on your site to leave a comment. When you upload a site into MarkUp, that entire site becomes one project – not just one page of your site. Switching to Browse mode allows you to navigate to other parts of your site while staying inside the same MarkUp project!

User Shortcut: By pressing “1” and “2” on your keyboard, you can easily toggle between Comment and Browse modes.

Comment Panel

As you make comments on your project, all comments will appear in your comment panel on the left side of your project. You can open and close the comment panel by either clicking the arrow on the left side or clicking on the comment bubble at the bottom of the project.

As you leave and review comments on the comment panel, when you click into any respective comment, you’ll notice there is an arrow you can expand on each comment. By clicking on this arrow, you’ll see three key items from the person’s device who left the comment: 

  1. Browser
  2. Screen Size
  3. Operating System

Likewise, when you click on any comment, you can also start threads within a specific comment by replying directly to it. All replies to each comment are maintained in one seamless thread.

Resolving Comments

All Active comments appear in blue inside your MarkUp project. As you are reviewing content and choose to resolve a comment, you just need to click the green “Resolve” check at the top right of each comment. When a comment is resolved, it goes to the Resolved Tab. 

When you switch to the Resolved Tab, you’ll notice all resolved comments will appear on the project as gray pins. If you wish to make a comment Active again, simply click the “Unresolve” check at the top right of the comment. It will then move the comment from the Resolved Tab to the Active Tab. All comments, both active and resolved, will always stay hosted inside your MarkUp project unless you choose to delete those comments.

Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile Views

At the bottom left of your project, you’ll notice a Computer icon. Simply click on that icon to rotate between desktop, tablet, and mobile layouts. When you place a comment in each of these views, those comments will only pertain to those specific layouts. MarkUp uses a standard Tablet and Mobile screen size. Adding custom breakpoints for different devices is something we plan to add in the future.

Project Settings

There are three items you can adjust in the project settings:

  1. Email Notifications – you can choose to receive email notifications on your project or not by toggling this checkbox on or off. Project email notifications will be sent any time someone leaves a new comment, adds a reply, or resolves a comment.
  1. Pins in Browse Mode – right now, the default project setting is to not show pins when you are in Browse mode. This was done to make it easier to click around your site when in Browse mode. However, many users still want to see pin locations while browsing their MarkUp project. You can toggle this setting on or off depending on preference.
  1. Screenshots with Comments – this is for users with the MarkUp Chrome Extension only. With the Browser Extension, MarkUp will automatically take a screenshot of a pin’s location when you place a comment. This happens every time you place a comment, unless you choose to turn this setting off here.

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