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The MarkUp Chrome Extension

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The MarkUp Chrome Extension was built for four main reasons:

  1. Convenience – Users will be able to create a MarkUp project or access an existing MarkUp project from their browser with just two clicks.
  2. Context – Users with the Chrome Extension will be able to take automatic screenshots with each comment they make. This makes locating pins and revision history markedly better to track.
  3. Improved Performance – Having the MarkUp chrome extension installed will increase the speed and performance of MarkUp. 
  4. Authentication – Want to use MarkUp for an authenticated website or app? We recommend using the Chrome Extension to get past authentication.

Why is the Chrome Extension Helpful?

We believe in creating a platform that makes our users and their teams more efficient and their lives easier. The chrome extension allows users to conveniently create a MarkUp project and collect feedback in just a few seconds. It also allows users to MarkUp authenticated websites which is something many users have asked for over time.

With the Chrome Extension, users can also produce automatic screenshots when leaving comments. This is incredibly helpful for letting project stakeholders see exactly what their colleagues were looking at while making comments. Oftentimes, as teams are either making constant changes to their site or due to the complexities of hotspots or animations, it can be difficult to find the true location of pins. These screenshots will help solve that issue by making pins far more contextual.

Getting Started

Once downloaded, you can open the extension and simply click ‘Create MarkUp’ for any URL you’re currently viewing in your browser. This will open your site in a new tab within MarkUp. To open existing projects, you can just click ‘Open a Project’ and a dropdown list will appear with all of your projects. Everything else works exactly the same as MarkUp does today. 

As for screenshots, they will automatically be taken every time a user makes a comment with the extension (note: if you don’t want MarkUp to take a screenshot every time, you can toggle this off in your project settings). Users that do not have the extension will not be able to take screenshots, at this time; however, they will still be able to view screenshots made by other members of their project. 

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