Webinar Recap: Streamlining Your Revision Cycles

This past Tuesday, we hosted our first major webinar that ranged from basics to best practices to what’s coming in 2021. This webinar came on the heels of a crazy first year for, with just as many triumphs as there were hurdles and challenges.

After seeing exceptional growth in year one of the product, this was our first big opportunity to connect with everyone at scale and focus on key needs going into next year.

When launched in January 2020, we had about 1,000 users and the product was a work-in-progress. Eleven months later, we’re now over 50,000 users. The product remains a work-in-progress but we’ve learned so much from you, our users, over the last year. The impact of a 1:1 conversation over Intercom or email may seem trivial, but all of these interactions compounded over the last year have had a powerful impact on shaping in 2020.

So this was a time to finally bring everyone together, talk about how the product has changed this year, gather more feedback, and discuss what’s coming in 2021. For those who could attend, it was incredible to connect with you all! For those who couldn’t, we put together a recap below on some of the major sections, especially the Q&A. If you prefer to check out the recording, you can watch it here:

Recap Dashboard

To kick off the call, we discussed the basics around creating a project inside your dashboard. Remember, you can upload any URL into, whether it be a staging, preview, or live site. For getting behind password-protected sites, having our Chrome Extension installed is the most effective way to do that. This takes two seconds to add. Two!

In order to encompass more of the creative process, you can also upload any image, PDF, video, and other file types inside of

Inside the Project

When you place a comment, you can click on that comment on the lefthand side to make edits, delete it, or start a thread. Tagging users is coming out shortly, and you’ll have more control over assigning, labeling, and prioritizing comments next year. We recently came up with comment attachments as well, so if you’re looking to include a .txt file, replace an image, or add a video, simply upload that directly into your comment! This has been one of the hottest new features in 🔥

Further, we emphasized the Chrome Extension here a lot on the webinar. If you have the extension installed, will take automatic screenshots with every comment you make. This is critical if you’re working on a site that has more complexity to it (a lot of popups, animated elements, moving images). Sometimes, pins don’t stick super well to those sites, but this is continually being improved upon.

Improving the reliability of the product here is something we’re very aware of and working tirelessly to improve every day. But for now, having screenshots turned on with comments is the single best way to prevent comments from being out of place or hidden. We recommend you and your clients/colleagues add the extension to your toolbar.

Q&A + What’s Coming in 2021

Here is a combination of what’s coming in 2021 along with answering questions that came up on the webinar:

What will integrations look like next year?

We expect to have Zapier as our first integration next year. From there, our focus will be on more popular integrations like Asana, Jira, Trello, Slack, Figma, Sketch, and XD.

What will be on the paid plan and will’s core product still be free?’s core product will always be free. Nothing is changing there. When we have our paid plan in place, it will include things like integrations, team creation, roles, folders, and custom breakpoints, among other features.

I am still having some issues with pins sticking in my project, am I missing something?

We are continuously working to make sure that pins work as expected, whether it be sticking to the right part of the page or jumping to the right section. Improvements here will continue throughout next year but for now, again, the best solution is using comment screenshots via the Chrome Extension so that every comment is fully transparent to all users.

Also just a reminder, if you do change the URL structure of your site or remove an element or section, pins will disappear from the site or that section. That’s because the pin is associated to the page by the URL. If the URL changes, the pin is no longer tied to that page. Next year we plan to let you change the URL without losing pin locations in your project.

If I want to upgrade next year, do my clients need a seat too?

No, the free guest functionality of will continue to work the same way on the paid plan. And if anything, we will push to make sure that those guests have easier access to the projects you assign to them next year 🙂

Thank you again to everyone who came out and for all of you who’ve been with us, whether it’s been for a while or you recently joined! We’re extremely thankful for you using and we’re beyond excited about what’s coming for the product next year, especially as we relentlessly focus on improved speed, functionality, and performance of the product.