“There Has to be a Better Way to Leave Feedback”: Inside Aramex Smart’s Collaboration Transformation

The following is a conversation between Robbie Maltby, Marketing Manager at Aramex Smart, and the team at MarkUp. Aramex Smart is a complete Ecommerce Fulfilment platform; providing payments, deliveries, and returns for E-commerce businesses shipping locally, internationally, and (safely) into emerging markets.

Robbie initially connected with our team over a support question which later grew into a couple of amazing feedback sessions. As we learned more about Aramex Smart’s use cases around MarkUp, it ultimately led to Robbie sharing their MarkUp journey in this blog. Our questions are in bold followed by his responses below. 

Thanks for joining us today Robbie! Could you kick off by telling us a little bit about yourself, Aramex, and what prompted you to look into MarkUp?

Yes so basically I am a business owner by trade. I have my own e-commerce business and I used to run my own agency. I moved to Dubai during the pandemic and ended up working for Aramex Smart. In a way, I’m a bit like an entrepreneur working within a larger business. It’s like an intrapreneur role, I suppose. My background is very much of the “move fast, lean startup mentality” and that’s what I’m bringing to the business.

Aramex is an enormous blue-chip company. They have recently grown substantially during the pandemic since they have a massive e-commerce arm and they have brought on an enormous amount of marketers. We’re pushing the limits of what we can do from a marketing perspective, creating so much content all the time.

Before MarkUp, the creative team would send us PDFs with email designs and they’d asked us to comment on those designs. But there wasn’t any type of versioning or easy way to group comments together. It wasn’t clear to me how we could collaborate on these in real-time. At one point, I was working on a specific email copy in one of these docs thinking that all of my changes were getting reviewed only to find out we weren’t using that version anymore. It was frustrating to say the least!

The other problem was people listing feedback in emails. The designer would then have to cross-check a row of bullet points to the part of the design that was relevant. Between all of these points of friction in our process, I was like, “there has to be a better way to do this.” I was optimistic I’d find something like MarkUp.

That’s a great story! So what happened as you starting adopting the product?

I loved that I didn’t have to do a whole lot just to use the product. Signup was so quick and I could just pop a URL in there and start commenting on different parts of the site. Done. WIthin five minutes, I was just flying around in MarkUp, finished all of my feedback, and shared it with my team. The B2B content producer on my team was like “guys, that’s it, we’re just going to use MarkUp from now on.” So now she’s using it all the time.

Wow! That’s the goal – effortless onboarding and maximum use. So good to hear. What’s been your favorite feature inside MarkUp?

Outside of the general ease of use, I love the feature where you can upload multiple different images into one project. It’s so helpful for us to be able to preview email sequences of say, four different emails, and we can run through the whole sequence inside of MarkUp, gathering feedback quickly before we make final changes to go live.

Did you know we have PDF upload now too?

That’s huge. My creative team were always sending me PDFs and now we can upload that into MarkUp. I think we’re just in this age where we need maximum simplicity so we can get things done faster. We don’t want to have to figure out how to wrestle with PDF builders and how to collaborate in them. It’s really hard to get that done within bigger enterprise platforms. So seeing MarkUp integrated into more platforms that we use all the time to create this content would be a no brainer.

Yes, that’s the plan! And last question: what did the rest of your team think of the product? Especially as you’re introducing something completely new to them which is never easy.

Everyone onboarded quickly, everyone understood the product right away. For the marketing team, they were all straight into the product, making comments so quickly. It just changed everything for us.

Robbie’s team is not the only fast-growing enterprise marketing team in the world. They ran into content collaboration headaches inundating marketers daily. But in a matter of seconds, Aramex’s entire collaborative process was flipped on its head for the better and they haven’t looked back.

So the question begs, what’s stopping you?

Collaboration made easy. Every time. All the time.

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