Introducing Workspaces: This Update will Completely Transform your Account Management Workflow

Earlier this year, we promised you we’d improve account management and team collaboration in We did our homework. We went through countless support tickets, feature requests, and calls to compile hundreds of insights into our latest innovation.

Today, we are excited to release Workspaces.

What are Workspaces? Workspaces is a clean, transparent, and easy way to manage your projects and teams inside the product. If you ever felt a bit lost trying to locate a project or find out who has access to your entire account vs. specific projects – Workspaces solves all of these problems.

The Sidebar

You can now view and access all of your Workspaces from one sidebar, quickly create new ones, arrange them in the order that works best for you, and manage all Workspace members from one place.

Moving Projects

Add more structure and cut through the clutter by moving any project to your desired Workspace, and we will automatically transfer all the data and users.

Workspace Settings

And don’t forget to make more personal and fun by uploading a cool Workspace avatar and claiming its unique URL address.

Roles & Permissions

You can now also manage all Workspace members and their permissions from one place. If there are members that you want only to see specific projects within your workspace, you can still continue to provide them reviewer or guest reviewer access by simply inviting them only to the projects you want them to have access to.

This new feature is an invaluable addition to the core experience, and we hope it will bring a ton of value to you and your teammates. Note, that we will continue to support the old dashboard for a little longer, so if you’re not quite yet ready for this change, you can turn it back on.

What’s next?

It gets better! We are working tirelessly to bring Folders to Workspaces.

With Folders, you will be able to group all of your projects and keep them tidy. You can even create Folders inside of Folders ?, and set user permissions for them.

Stay tuned, and use this link to tell us what you think about this update. We would ❤️ to hear your feedback.

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