pricing: Everything you need to know about our new Pro and Enterprise plans

Editor’s note:’s pricing and plan limits have been updated since this blog’s original publishing date. You can now get our Pro plan from $25/mo, including unlimited MarkUps and 500GB storage! Find more information on our updated pricing tiers here.

We don’t want your money. Really, we don’t!

We want you to keep using the way you always have: as a free, fairly ingenious way to comment and collaborate on your digital creations. And our shockingly simple pricing model stays true to that intent: is free, and for the majority of our users, it always will be.

But some users want more: extra features, more storage, enhanced functionality. (In fact, some users have literally begged us to charge them for more features). So we’re granting that request in the form of two new tiers of service, a Pro and Enterprise plan, that will allow to meet the needs of professional users.

On July 26, 2022, we will release these two paid tiers on top of our Free plan. The Free plan will continue to provide a generous allowance and the core features users expect, with some immediate improvements coming soon (more on that later).

We’ve worked hard to make our pricing model as simple and reasonable as possible while ensuring there will be no interruption to your current use of Rest assured, nothing will be lost or deleted during this transition period.

Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming changes.

Why is adding pricing tiers?

Our goal is to keep making better and better and to share it with as many people as possible. 

So far, it’s working! 

Since we first launched in December 2020, there have been 277,000 users globally, and more than 320K MarkUps have been created with over 4 million comments and replies.

Everyone deserves to give and get great feedback, which is why we had to figure out how to sustain in the future. As evolves, more and more users are asking for features that require an investment in security, storage, technology, and human resources.

These new paid plans will give us the resources to improve and enrich for everyone — free users, pros and enterprise users alike — and ensure that remains an accessible tool for creators everywhere now and into the future.

This change may seem like a departure for, or worse, a betrayal of its commitment to providing great feedback. It isn’t. In fact, it shows how committed we actually are. We are preserving our free tier while adding features and functionality that only pros and enterprise clients need and are happy to pay a fair price for. It’s a win-win for everyone.

We’ve been working hard over the past year to build into a platform we are proud of. With our new premium plans, we’ll be able to support more collaborators than ever before.

What to expect:

Here’s a quick overview of the three tiers:'s three pricing plans

Before we press on, let’s clarify some terminology:
You can markup PDFs, websites, videos, and images with

What is considered a MarkUp? A “MarkUp” is any file or website that has been loaded into the app. A single MarkUp can be one or more images, a multi-page website, or even a multi-page PDF document that has been uploaded to the app. Therefore, if you upload a PDF with multiple pages, it counts as one MarkUp. Please view this article for a list of our supported file types.  

What is a Workspace? A Workspace is where your MarkUps live. Paid Workspaces for Pro and Enterprise users let users create an unlimited number of MarkUps and give them a lot of storage space, as well as other features that come with increased usage of Starting July 26, the free Workspace will house up to 20 MarkUps and 10GB of storage.

What are Folders? Last but not least, Folders are one of the newest features we’re introducing with the paid tiers. Available to Pro and Enterprise users, Folders allow you to organize your files without needing to create an unmanageable number of Workspaces. You can create as many Folders as you want and even create additional Folders within Folders (up to five layers deep). This functionality is great for professional freelancers who want to utilize one Folder per client or teams who want to use Folders to separate WIP from completed projects. The possibilities are endless!

Workspace that shows a user creating a subfolder within a Folder.

A closer look at the three plans:

The Free plan: Let’s be clear: the Free plan isn’t going away. Ever.

Designed for individuals using for personal or professional use, the Free plan offers a generous allowance and plenty of value.

Like the Pro and Enterprise plans, the Free plan supports unlimited users, who are categorized as Admins, Members, and Guests. Admins are able to control user permissions within a Workspace. Members have access to all MarkUps in a Workspace. Guests, on the other hand, can only access specific MarkUps they’ve been invited to review.

The biggest change users will notice is that the Free plan provides just one free Workspace per user. If you currently manage multiple Workspaces, you will continue to have access to them after July 26. But, you will only be able to create one more free Workspace as a part of our transition process.

To get more details about the Free plan’s features and future allowance, check out this FAQ.

Rest assured, we will never stop working to make the Free plan better. For example, as a part of our enhancing sharing features, after July 26th, all users will have the ability to see who has access to a MarkUp and view invites that are still pending. And, we’ll soon be fulfilling another popular request: the ability to send bulk invites.

All users can now send bulk invites

The Pro plan: Built to support an unlimited number of users, this plan costs $49 per month when paid annually or $59 if paid month-to-month. The Pro plan is perfect for teams that collaborate with a lot of internal and external stakeholders and want to keep all communication under one roof.

We picked a fixed rate because we didn’t want to surprise our Pro tier subscribers with inconsistent monthly charges depending on their usage. Simplicity is at the heart of everything we do at, and so we decided that a flat rate was the way to go.

The Pro tier is for small- to medium-sized teams as well as creative professionals who have a large number of clients and collaborators (e.g. freelance designers or consultants).

Starting July 26, users will be able to enroll in a 30-day free trial. If you decide to upgrade at the end of your trial, just add your payment information in the billing section of to avoid any disruptions.

Folders are one of the biggest additions to the Pro plan. Folders allow you to organize your MarkUps within one Workspace, with each Pro Workspace containing 500GB of storage space.

The ability to invite guests at the folder level will also give users more control over who can see their MarkUps. At the same time, managing the share link by turning it on or off allows users to block guests from accessing a link that has already been shared.

Users can disable share links on two of the new pricing plans

If you currently have multiple Workspaces that you would like to upgrade to Pro, you can certainly do that when the pricing is available. However, we encourage you to talk to our team now and lock in a great, early price at the Enterprise tier.

The Enterprise plan: Finally, our Enterprise plan was designed for large organizations that have multifunctional, collaborative teams—like marketing and design agencies, tech and financial services companies, schools, and universities. 

What does this plan offer? For one, different departments within the same organization can manage their own Workspaces to prevent miscommunications and increase transparency. Also, each team member has a Workspace to organize their work. And folders separate completed projects from ongoing tasks. Wait! There’s more.

The Enterprise tier includes:

  • Unlimited Pro Workspaces & MarkUps
  • Unlimited users
  • Folders
  • Enhanced security features 
  • SOC II compliance documentation
  • Priority support
  • Optional onboarding (if needed)

Pricing for this tier is available upon request. If you already know you’ll be signing up for the Enterprise tier, contact us now to lock in a great deal and enjoy set pricing for the future. 

You can get even more information about each of the tiers by reading our extensive FAQ.

How will pricing affect you?

You’re likely wondering what will change for you between now and July 26. Please understand that our goal is to cause as little disruption to your workflow as possible.

No work on will be lost or deleted. Everything created before July 26 will be grandfathered into the new tiers. That said, future uploads will be limited according to each plan’s allowance. But as an added perk, current users who choose the Free plan will receive an allowance for an additional 10 GB of storage on July 26!

Those who choose the Pro plan can start a 30-day free trial on July 26 to try out the new features.

If you choose to downgrade after the trial is complete, no worries! You’ll still be able to access your files and folders within; just keep in mind that you’ll no longer be able to create new folders or modify existing ones. This also applies to the number of MarkUps you’re able to create. If you find that you’re over the limit after downgrading, all you need to do is delete MarkUps to free up space.

We encourage everyone who is already eyeing the Enterprise tier to book a call with our team to lock in some early prices. 🥳

Since this is one of the biggest changes associated with the upcoming pricing plans, we want to be clear: existing Workspaces will not be deleted. Free plan members will not be able to create additional Workspaces after pricing kicks in, so keep that in mind as you prep for these changes.

If you’re currently using Workspaces to organize your files, we encourage you to consider upgrading to the Pro or Enterprise tier.

The bottom line

You can rest easy knowing that we’re working hard to ensure a smooth transition for all of our existing users. 

If you choose to stay on the free tier, don’t worry. We will continue to make improvements to our product to ensure you enjoy the best experience at maximum value.

If you choose to upgrade to one of the new pricing plans, you’ll finally have access to the highly-requested features mentioned above. You’ll also have a say in which features we should focus on next. Start your free trial now to give one of our new plans a try.

At the end of the day, we’re here for you. Join our Slack community, where we’ll continue to share useful information about the upcoming pricing tiers, including some tips on how to prepare for the switch. If you have any remaining questions, please fill out this form. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be hosting some live sessions to answer each and every one of your questions, so stay tuned!

This is just the beginning for We’ll continue working toward making online collaboration accessible to everyone, something we can’t achieve without our community. Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey. We can’t wait to see what comes next.

To learn more about the pricing tiers, check out the following pages: