The results are in! The winners of our Valentine’s Day giveaway are…

This Valentine’s Day, love was in the air. 💕

So, to celebrate the people we care about most (our users), we ran our first-ever giveaway in our Slack community.

We asked for creativity, and you did not disappoint! 

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When we launched the contest, we thought it would be a fun way to show our endless appreciation for our users. But before we knew it, we were flooded with imaginative poems, videos, and more that showed how much our incredible community was ready to surprise and delight us.

Let’s look at this year’s winning entries and meet the users who created them!

What was the giveaway all about? users from far and wide all come together in our online Slack community

Here, they learn nifty hacks, request new features, and are the first to know about upcoming product updates. Some even help make the platform better for everyone by participating in exclusive Beta testing groups.

Like this one about our upcoming Zapier integration. 💪

With tons of talented, creative people in one space, it was only fair we gave them an ✨equally creative✨ challenge.

Here’s what we asked them to do:

  • Create a unique piece of content in any format telling us why they love using 
  • Post their entry on any social media channel and tag us.

The results were overwhelming (in a good way!). 😁

We received poems, Tweets, Instagram reels, and many other digital declarations of adoration. And to top it off, we gained something extra valuable – insight into how much has transformed our users’ feedback workflows. 

Picking the final winners was tough. But there were a stand-out few that let their creativity run wild and set our hearts aflame. 🔥

Without further ado, let’s hear from the people who snagged the big prizes!

Our top three Valentine’s Day giveaway winners! 😍

First place – Keith Eldridge, Owner/Chief Strategist at Keith Dream Digital Strategies 👏

Keith Eldridge, first place winner

Keith’s poem tells the tale of how helps a web designer and copywriter streamline their feedback process. We were honored that Keith chose us as the hero of his poetic story. 💗

What inspired you to enter our Valentine’s giveaway?

We were literally just reviewing a sales page that was days from launch and had so many changes to make. Everyone involved was able to use to post their comments in one place – which turned a daunting task into a clear conversation that ended in a well-designed, well-written page.

What kind of projects do you typically review in

We review websites, PDF workbooks, and eBooks.

What’s your favorite feature or functionality?

Loom videos within comments! pins show you exactly where to make updates, but sometimes it needs more explanation. With the video inline, there’s no need to chase anyone down to figure out what they meant.

What would you say to anyone thinking about using

Increase your (and your team’s) productivity and efficiency by removing feedback from emails and multiple sources. Add to your project management suite; it is well worth it!

You can connect with Keith on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin.

Second place – Juraj Vrhar, Lead Web Developer, Gerilla Agency 👏

Juraj Vrhar, second place winner

Juraj’s poem spoke to everyone on our team who’s dealt with complicated website review processes. Here’s to you, Juraj, for submitting this joyous and relatable entry!

What inspired you to enter our Valentine’s giveaway?

I use on a daily basis, and it helps me and my team see all the mistakes we’ve made while developing a new website or changing an existing one. The easiest way for us to explain what change we want is to just put a comment on a specific spot. My poem explained all the pros of!

What kind of projects do you typically review in

Website and graphic template reviews.

What’s your favorite feature or functionality?

You can add comments to different screen views, like desktop, tablet, and phone views.

What would you say to anyone thinking about using

It will make your job so much easier and cleaner. You will have all mistakes and corresponding comments in one place, and you can access it anytime and anywhere!

You can connect with Juraj on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Third place – Josh Donnelly, Owner of Donco Marketing 👏

Josh Donnelly, third place winner

Josh’s Youtube tutorial was a super-illuminating look into how makes web designers’ lives easier – something we take very seriously. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

What inspired you to enter our Valentine’s giveaway?

My video was recorded out of my desire to provide some insight into my workflow for people looking to make web design a larger part of their business. has streamlined my review processes immensely – and the best part is that my clients love it, too.

What kind of projects do you typically review in

Website review and print materials, i.e., business cards, images, ads, etc.

What’s your favorite feature or functionality?

My favorite feature is having the ability to treat comments as tasks with an active/resolved status. This allows for the prioritization of tasks by page, as well as a historical record keeping of change requests.

What would you say to anyone thinking about using

Bogged down by confusing client emails with non-specific change requests? I was too. flips the entire review process on its head. It’s tough to explain – just do it. Set up a free account and see if it’s right for you (pro tip: it is)!

You can connect with Josh on Youtube.

Our Valentine’s Day giveaway runner-ups! 💘

Congratulations again to our outstanding top three winners! You all did an incredible job. 🫶

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And now for some extra special shout-outs!

These community members didn’t end up with the top prizes, but their entries were so good we had to show them a bit of love too. So, they’re each getting a $25 gift card and some swag to boot. 

Here are our wonderful runner-ups:

Hannah Samlall 🌟 

Co-Founder of Waterloo Street

Hannah Samlall, runner up

What inspired your competition entry?

We picked trending audio on Instagram and tried to figure out how our love for could fit with that audio! We showcased how improved communication with our clients by eliminating the need for back and forth over email discussing edits and revisions.

What kind of projects do you use for?

We use to collect edits and revisions from our website design clients. We send our clients their drafts through and allow them a revision window of around three days to submit feedback, and then take our time to make their edits. We do that repeatedly for however many revisions they have.

What’s your favorite feature?

Image attachments to comments! We work with a lot of photographers who are particular about image placement on their websites. The ability to attach images to comments makes it so easy for us to place images exactly where they want them.

What would you say to someone looking to try out

DO IT! You won’t regret it. It will save you so much time and energy and will eliminate so many frustrations and headaches.
Find Hannah on her personal Instagram or Waterloo Street’s Instagram account.

Justine Rianne Diza 🌟

Development Account Manager at 3 Owl Agency

Justine Rianne, runner up

What inspired your competition entry?

The ease of use of! I was inspired by how easy it is to use the platform without having to use different tools to go back and forth for feedback.

What kind of projects do you use for?

Web design and development projects where our clients will review the website and leave their comments for us to fix. 

What’s your favorite feature?

I really like the ability to add a comment with more context and have a conversation around a particular element or section of a website.

What would you say to someone looking to try out

You should definitely use! It reduces the need for back-and-forth communication, plus it easily brings people to a specific part of a website or document — all in one place!

Find Justine on Instagram and Facebook.

Stefanie Cash 🌟

SEO Manager at Think Integrated

Stefanie Cash, runner up

What inspired your competition entry?

I wanted to highlight the problems was able to solve for me. 

What kind of projects do you use for?

Website reviews and doing QA checks of structure. I also use it for my freelance business to receive feedback and review change requests. 

What’s your favorite feature?

Comment threads, for sure! 

What would you say to someone looking to try out

Imagine receiving all feedback changes in one place or having the ability to easily identify what element is out of place. It seriously makes things easier. 

Find Stefanie on Twitter and Instagram

That’s all, folks! 🎉

Thank you again to everyone who entered our giveaway. 💌

Seeing how has completely changed how you collaborate was incredibly humbling. We can’t wait to keep evolving and adding even more exciting features so that you can continue to level up your feedback process!

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Although our Valentine’s giveaway has drawn to a close, we’ll have more contests coming in the near future – maybe with even bigger prizes. 👀 

Be among the first to know how you can be one of our lucky winners next time by joining our Slack community.