Get your tools talking with the best Zapier templates for your feedback workflow

Imagine a tool that eliminates all your repetitive digital tasks so you can stay focused on feedback. 

Sounds like a dream, right? 🤩

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Well, if you’ve been using the x Zapier integration, you’ll know that dream is a reality! 

These two tools combined are already pretty powerful, but one of the best ways to make our integration even more powerful is with Zap templates

And the great news is there are plenty for you to choose from. ⚡

What are Zap templates?

Creating an Asana task for a MarkUp you’re working on can seem simple. 

But when 12 new MarkUps suddenly pop up in your Workspace, things may get a little more complicated. 🙃

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Our Zapier integration would make this a total breeze, but how do you set it up so that it automatically automates each new task? 

Zap templates are the answer, my friend!

These are pre-made Zaps that help users discover different ways to automate their work. Each template includes an action you need performed and all the apps that can make it happen.

For example, setting up a Zap that adds each of your resolved MarkUp comments to a new Google Sheets row, so you can export your comments for clients.

Here’s a simple run-through of how it all works:

Zap templates are the perfect, quick way to set up a bunch of integrations, and you can use as many templates as you like. 

So ultimately, the power is entirely in your hands. 🙌

Who benefits the most from using templates, and how?

If you’re a marketer, videographer, or project manager who needs to sail through reviews without the hurdles of endless admin, exciting news. There’s a Zap template for you and your team! 

Post notifications through communication apps like Slack and MS Teams. 

Communicate feedback to your team even faster by sending new MarkUp comments through apps like Microsoft Teams. This will let you zip through your feedback notifications so you can focus on the rest of your tasks.

Now you’ll see every reply, and you won’t have to search your inbox for lost mentions on marketing assets that need approval. 

Create Notion pages for new MarkUps. 

Most marketers know how incredible Notion is for structuring workflows. Now imagine combining that with all your MarkUps so that your team has everything in one place!

No more having to manually fill out a brand new page every time feedback needs to be included in your ever-expanding Notion boards. 

Create Trello cards for new MarkUps. 

If you’re a big fan of Trello (aren’t we all! 😉), this is the template for you. By connecting it with Zapier, you can easily monitor every MarkUp that’s part of your latest marketing campaign with Trello cards.

Use this Zap template to oversee ongoing or completed reviews so you can make sure you meet every deadline.

Get direct Slack notifications for new comments. 

Connect with tools like Slack to get regular updates on your feedback. You can even get notified whenever a comment is resolved or unresolved in a MarkUp.

Or set up an alert for when someone responds to your comments — a particularly useful feature when working through videos second by second.  

Send Mailchimp campaigns for new MarkUps (pro Zapier account only)

Wish you could automate the use of your own email templates to notify your team or clients? Well, with this Zap template, users can use and customize their own email notifications with Mailchimp when they ask reviewers to leave feedback.

Now you can invite people to all of your new MarkUps, with whatever specific, personalized onboarding and instructions you like!

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Update Notion database items with new comment replies. 

Spend more time making changes to your latest video and less on boring administrative tasks like record keeping. With Zap templates, you can automatically update your team’s Notion boards with the MarkUp comments that got the most attention (i.e., replies that got people talking).

Now you’ll have important comments saved in a place the whole team can access at any point in time.

Create Asana tasks from new MarkUp comments. 

Whether you’re designing a webpage or creating a video, you can automatically request feedback from stakeholders by creating a new Asana task for your projects.

They’ll get notified that there’s a new task for them to view, and you can focus on preparing your next big design. 💪 

Create Airtable records for new MarkUps

Integrate with all your current SaaS tools, like Airtable, with no extra engineering costs. This way, you can build your tech database in a matter of minutes without the stress of having to hire additional staff.

Not to mention the benefits of keeping track of multiple records in one centralized hub!

Complete tasks in Todoist for new MarkUps. 

When a project has a lot going on, it helps to be able to see each component visually. You can do this by using a Zap template that instantly creates a new Todoist task every time a new MarkUp is created.

Or get even more specific by using a template that updates your Todoist task every time a MarkUp comment is resolved. 👍

Hungry for more Zap templates? Check out our x Zapier integration blog.

Which template is best for you?

Now that you’ve explored some of the best Zap templates, it’s time to find out which of them is the perfect one for you and your team’s needs.

That’s right — it’s (super fun) quiz time! 🤩

Just click through to see which of your favorite apps can combine with to give you your dream feedback process.

Let’s get templating

Now it’s all up to you and your new Zap templates. ✨

If you haven’t already, check out the full lowdown on what our Zapier integration can do and see a little preview of upcoming integrations. 👀

Then pop into our Slack community to let us know which works best for you and your workflow. 

And if you’re not set up with Zapier yet, head over to your Workspace now to get synced up!