Visual, interactive & context-rich: Check out’s latest updates

It was a productive spring at!

We’re constantly working to enhance the feedback loop for users, and with this round of updates, we’ve gone all out to make more interactive, visual, and packed with context. 

But that’s not all! We know how important control is to you. So, now you have more of it: greater control over your email notifications, workflow, and feedback loop.

📅 April 2023

Moved the bottom toolbar to the top. Some of you reached out to us, noting that while is simple to use, your teammates and Guest reviewers sometimes struggled to navigate Website MarkUps. That was a real lightbulb moment for us, prompting us to relocate the Comment and Browse toolbar to the top where it’s more easily visible.

In addition to finding the Comment and Browse toggles at the top of all types of MarkUps, you can also:

  • Experience different device previews of your Website MarkUp
  • Customize the MarkUp’s notification settings
  • Manage the MarkUp’s sharing settings

Hopefully, you don’t need to keep reminding your reviewers about this feature. 🤞 But if you do, let us know in our Slack community! 

Updated our Chrome extension. The team made working with Google sites, social media platforms, and anything behind a password even easier. That’s right–you can markup even more sites! 🎉 There’s no need to download or install a new version; if you already installed the Chrome extension, it was automatically updated. Enjoy!

Video scrubbing. Did you know that one second in a video typically includes 24–30 frames?

That’s a lot to digest. Especially when searching for that one spot you wanted to comment on.  

So we added a scrubbing feature that lets you quickly move backward and forward through a video frame-by-frame to find exactly what you need. Just use the left and right keys to leave frame-accurate comments on your Video MarkUps. Holding the ‘Shift’ key will increase the scrubbing rate 10x.

This level of precision ensures that feedback is clear and specific, making it easier for the recipient to understand and act on the comments they get.

Zapier integration (beta) launch. This was a big one.

Because we’re all about improving the reviewer experience in, the team’s been prioritizing integrations this year. And our Zapier beta release was hugely useful for understanding the workflows our users need—so we can create even more game-changing integrations.

And the community responded! Users who’ve installed it have used it to pump new comments into Slack, create new Asana tasks from new MarkUps, and much more.

Keep an eye out for future integrations with Slack and Microsoft Teams. The team is on it. 🫡

📍 Check out the 2023 product roadmap to see what’s on deck.

Go Pro Videos were upside down. You no longer have to hold your laptop upside-down while getting feedback on sky-diving videos. 🤦 GoPro metadata wasn’t processing correctly, so some of our users’ GoPro videos came out upside down. The team’s fixed that problem, and now everyone’s GoPro Video MarkUps display correctly.

Made pin positioning even more precise. Sometimes when working with Web MarkUps, pins would move ever so slightly. Annoying, right? Rest assured, we’ve addressed this problem to ensure that once pins are set, they stay in place.

Prevented accidental posting. There’s nothing worse than accidentally posting a comment while you’re in the middle of typing it. 🤬That’s why clicking Enter while selecting a user from the @mention drop-down list (in a comment) no longer posts that comment. Sanity restored!

📅 May 2023

Labeled Workspaces. If you’re working with multiple workspaces, you can now, at a glance, see whether a Workspace is free, undergoing a free trial, or under one of the paid plans (Pro and Enterprise).

Zapier integration moved out of beta. Thanks to your enthusiastic embrace of Zapier, we officially moved out of beta. 🥳

In addition to creating their own Zaps, users also began experimenting with pre-made templates that perform a specific task between and a relevant app. 

Here’s how you set that up. ⬇️ Check out the complete list of templates here!

Released What’s New changelog. No more scouring our social media channels or Slack community for news or updates we’ve made to the platform. Now, you’ll get alerted on all user-facing product updates–big and small–without ever having to leave Just click What’s new in the top-right corner of your Workspace for recent improvements and other announcements.

See it for yourself!

Fresh email notifications. Getting emails from used to be a little…spammy, to say the least. Because they lacked valuable context, they offered little value to users.

Our new design addresses these concerns, providing a much-improved experience.

With the redesigned interface, comments are accompanied by relevant screenshots, enhancing clarity and context. Labels for replies, resolved comments, and new comments are much clearer, too.

We’ve also upgraded the functionality of our emails. Clicking “open in” now takes you directly to the specific comment instead of the entire MarkUp, saving you time and effort.

And because giving you control is our top priority, you can now choose your preferred frequency for receiving updates—whether it’s for all changes, mentions only, or no emails at all. These preferences can be managed in-app and through the email’s settings.

Example showing how's new email notifications include screenshots for context.

Duplicate Zapier requests bug squashed. Zaps were bring triggered twice for some users. Thanks to some eagle eyes in our community who reported this, we fixed it super quickly!

Want to help us find more bugs like this? Join us on Slack.

📅 June 2023

Filter your comments by page. 🏷️ Navigating hundreds of comments in a Website MarkUp can be…overwhelming. Especially when you can’t tell how many comments there are per web page.

Not anymore!

You can now filter your sidebar to only show comments on the page you’re viewing. This makes it easier to focus on the comments that matter (instead of becoming adrift in a sea of feedback).

Screenshot showing's on this page filter in the comment panel.

Comments on canvas. Navigating between the canvas and the comment panel can be disorienting. It’s like playing an endless game of comment ping-pong. Now, we’re making it easier to see both sides of the conversation by displaying comments directly on top of your canvas.

Just hover over a comment to see a preview of what it says. You can also view, edit, and reply to comments on the canvas. ✍️

This update is a major improvement that makes it easier for users to comment and interact with each other.

Ciao for now

That’s a wrap! 

We’ve made incredible strides this year and couldn’t have done it without you, our rockstar users. Your feedback has enabled us to make some killer improvements, so keep it coming. We want your feedback loops to be smoother than perfectly crafted latte art. 🤌

This is just the beginning. We’ve got some exciting stuff on the horizon, like the ability to freeze feedback and integration with Slack. Make sure to swing by our What’s New changelog when you’re in the app so you’re up to date on all the latest and greatest. Or, join our Slack community (we don’t bite!).

Until next time, keep creating, keep collaborating, and keep making your mark with! 💖