Automate & integrate: a roundup of’s newest features

Well, fellow feedback fanatics (try saying that five times fast 😅)… 

It’s time to wave goodbye to another part of 2023 and say a huge hello to an exciting array of new feature updates! 

As the year winds down, has been ramping up – consistently evolving to deliver top-notch features that make your feedback workflow a piece of cake.

And this new batch is no exception.

So, without further ado, here’s a look at what’s happened over the last few months. 

📅 July 2023

Slack integration beta. This July, we started with a bang – giving our 3,000+ Slack Community members exclusive access to our much-awaited Slack integration! 

You know how we’re all practically living on Slack these days? This one-way integration makes it even easier to stay in the loop. Now, you can link your work or personal Slack to and get all your notifications right where you chat.

The result? An even more automated feedback process and lightning-fast responses to comments. 

Now, updates on your favorite MarkUps are just a Slack DM or channel message away. No more digging through your inbox for comments – it’s a win-win situation for everyone. 💪

Improved Zapier data. If you’ve used our Zapier integration, you’ll know how *chef’s kiss* It is at automating your feedback processes. 

But to add a cherry on top, we made it easier when creating a Zap to preview the MarkUp data you want to send to a third-party tool. 

Now, you can kick back and let automation do the grunt work, instead of playing ‘Test the Zap’ all day. 

Integrations page revamp. Get ready for a dazzling new look because the integrations page has had a makeover. 💅 

The redesigned layout, which is easier to navigate, simplifies the process of syncing with our available integrations. Whether it’s our Slack and Zapier integrations or our Google Chrome extension, you can effortlessly navigate to the desired page and get set up. 

But wait, there’s more!  

We’ve got a bunch of additional integrations in the pipeline, including some eagerly-awaited project management tools. So stay tuned for even more ways to combine your favorite tools with soon!

Updated sidebar. As you may have seen in our last update, you can now interact with MarkUp comments directly on your canvas.

But that’s not all – we’ve also polished your sidebar experience to make it smoother than ever.

Screenshot of the new drop-down menu in's sidebar.

It includes the following options:

- Copy link
- Get info
- Delete
Slide into smooth navigation with’s suave sidebar updates. 😎

With a new drop-down option, you can swiftly click and copy the link to your comment directly from your sidebar. No more fussing with copying URLs from your browser bar!

Whenever you share this link with your stakeholders, it will directly lead them to the specific comment in the MarkUp. The cherry on top? You now have the ability to navigate straight to URLs in your sidebar. This feature is a true blessing when juggling hundreds of subpages on a Website MarkUp and needing to swiftly hop between pages.

📅 August 2023

Updated pricing tiers. In our quest to make even more accessible for all, we’ve refreshed our pricing tiers and limits for our Free and Pro plans. And don’t get too excited, but our Pro plan is now only $25 per month! 

But fear not – the top-notch experience you love remains the same, just with some fine-tuning (more on that later). 

Screenshot of's updated pricing plans. They include a free plan, a Pro plan, and an Enterprise plan.
Roses are red, violets are blue, our Pro plan’s just $25, made especially for you! 🌹

Check out the full lowdown of our new pricing here.

Full Slack integration launched. In August,’s Slack integration went fully live to everyone! 🚀

Now, you can effortlessly connect the integration to deliver MarkUp notifications straight to any Slack account, centralizing all your team communication.

Using our Slack integration, you can receive notifications to your DMs directly or broadcast them to a Slack channel of your choosing. 

Or maybe even both! 😏

Plus, you can either quickly subscribe an entire Workspace to a channel or pick and choose the MarkUp notifications you want to share with your team. 

Here’s how to set it all up:

Updated account limits. Anyone using knows how the platform transforms your entire feedback workflow. But we believe that experiencing it first-hand is the best way to see it in all its glory.

That’s why we’ve extended our 14-day free trial to a 30-day free trial!

This means newbies (as well as seasoned users eager to introduce the platform to their team) can give the wonders of a spin for even longer.

We’ve also adjusted the number of active MarkUps for free plans from 20 to five. But, if you have more than five active MarkUps, there’s no need to worry – you’ve still got a full 30-day trial to ponder if the Pro plan is your perfect match. 🌟

📅 September 2023

Microsoft Teams integration. You know what they say: “Teamwork makes the dream work.” 

We couldn’t agree more! 

That’s why the team has been hustling behind the scenes. The goal? To bring you the next big integration within the platform – Microsoft Teams

This is set to be a massive help for many of our users, letting you share feedback updates right where your team’s chatter is buzzing the loudest. 

So, keep your eyes peeled! This exciting update will be landing in your Workspace very soon.

App Switcher. For and Ceros Studio users, it’s time to rejoice. 🥳 The App Switcher now makes toggling between and Studio/Editor a breeze. To keep things simple, it only displays the apps you have access to. 

Keen to create a MarkUp of a Studio experience? Just navigate to via the App Switcher, and voila – your new MarkUp is automatically generated! 

You can even create a Studio or Editor experience directly from by selecting your preferred tool in the App Switcher. However, do note that the App Switcher won’t be visible if you’re viewing a Preview link without access to the experience. 

Screenshot of the new App Switcher in

This new feature allows users to quickly and easily switch between different, Studio, and Editor.’s new App Switcher’s got your back – and your front, and your sides, and your … you get the picture.

With these enhancements, streamlining experiences and collecting feedback has never been easier!

Until next time…

Thanks for joining us on this little trip down memory lane. 

Our users (that means you!) play such a pivotal role in shaping new features and our quest for constant improvements to the platform. So here’s a big, heartfelt thank you! 💗

We’ve also got tons of exciting updates lined up as we approach the end of the year. We can’t wait to share them with you!

In the meantime, if staying ahead of the curve with our latest features and updates sounds appealing, why not join our Slack community? Be the first to know and be a part of our journey. See you there!