Status, sign-off, pause: The holy trinity of project perfection

If your current review process feels like navigating a chaotic mosh-pit of DMs, group chats, emails, and the occasional smoke signal just to ensure feedback is logged and ready to act on, then this news is for you. 🙃

Introducing’s latest features: statuses, sign-off, and pausing comments! 🚀 These functionalities redefine project management in Leave confusion behind and embrace clarity with transparent statuses guiding each phase of your reviews. Communication is now streamlined—no more deciphering cryptic updates; each MarkUp’s status speaks for itself. 

If you often find yourself managing multiple projects, this triple threat seamlessly transforms your feedback loop into a graceful ballet.

But enough patting ourselves on the back. Let’s get to why these features matter for your review process.

Statuses, sign-off, and pausing comments, oh my!

Sure, it doesn’t roll off the tongue as smoothly as “lions and tigers and bears, oh my!” but you get the picture. So, how exactly do statuses and sign-offs revolutionize your project management?

Statuses and sign-off provide clear indicators of your project’s status. It’s like having clear signage on a busy road – guiding, informing, and smoothing transitions from feedback to final approval. Only Admins and MarkUp owners can adjust a MarkUp’s status. Others can simply view the status, and get notifications via email, Slack, or Microsoft Teams.

Here’s how they work:

Changing a MarkUp status

Changing a MarkUp’s status is an easy (and effective!) way to track project progress. Here’s how:

From the Admin dashboard:

  1. Go to your dashboard.
  2. Find the specific MarkUp you need to update.
  3. Click on the MarkUp tile to open it.
  4. In the top left corner, locate the Status dropdown menu.
  5. Choose the right status from the dropdown options.

In a MarkUp:

  1. Open the MarkUp you want to update.
  2. Find the Status dropdown in the top left corner.
  3. Click the dropdown.
  4. Choose the status that best fits where the MarkUp is currently.

While only Admins and MarkUp owners can change a MarkUp’s status, all users can see these status updates and receive notifications via email, Slack, or Microsoft Teams. This ensures clear communication and transparency throughout the review and approval process

Curious about the different status options available? Look no further:

  • No Status (default): The starting point for any MarkUp. Once changed, it can’t revert to No Status.
  • Open for Review: Indicates the project is ready for feedback and suggestions.
  • Editing Content: Shows the project is being updated based on received feedback.
  • On Hold: Flags the project as temporarily paused.
  • Completed: Signals that the project has passed all review stages and is finalized.

Sign-off for clear accountability

So, you’ve finished leaving your feedback on a MarkUp. What’s next? In the past, you’d have to manually notify others that you’re done. But not anymore!

The sign-off feature is a special perk for our Pro, Enterprise, and Ceros plan users. It lets team members mark their part of the review process as complete, making it easy to see who’s done leaving feedback. Look for the ‘seen by’ indicators in the top right corner of each MarkUp to see who’s viewed it—no need to chase anyone for updates! This streamlined workflow helps your team stay on top of progress and smoothly plan next steps efficiently.

To sign-off, click the blue arrow button labeled Let the team know you finished reviewing in the MarkUp. You can also add an optional message before clicking Finish.

Keep tabs on who’s done and who’s not by peeking at the sign-off statuses in your admin dashboard, next to the comment count. Users can also reset their sign-off status directly in the MarkUp as needed.

Controlling feedback flow with pausing comments

Ever felt overwhelmed by a flood of ongoing comments during your review process? This new feature allows administrators and owners to temporarily disable new comments on a MarkUp, ensuring that existing feedback is thoroughly addressed before new comments are added. Here’s how it works:

  • Pause control: Admins and owners can toggle the Pause new comments feature within the interface.
  • UI integration: Updated sidebar and search components support the new pause comments feature seamlessly.
  • Notification clarity: Confirmation banners and tooltips inform users clearly when comments are paused.
  • Visibility for team members: An icon appears for all users, indicating the paused state for new comments.
  • Integration settings: Admins can manage the pause state directly from Slack and Microsoft Teams.

How to pause new MarkUp comments:

  1. Open the MarkUp where you want to manage comments.
  2. Look for the Pause new comments toggle switch in the upper-left corner.
  3. If you’re an admin or owner, you can toggle this feature to pause or resume new comments instantly.
  4. Notifications and icons will indicate the paused status to all users.
MarkUp better: When a MarkUp is paused for new comments, existing comments stay visible and can still be managed while new comments are temporarily disabled. Users can also reply to existing comments to keep discussions going. This feature is available only to Pro, Enterprise, and Ceros users.

Get a tighter grip on project management from your Workspace

At long last, experience smoother workflows and enhanced collaboration with benefits like:

  • Visually clearer communication: Status indicators ensure everyone knows where projects stand at a glance.
  • Boosted efficiency: Say goodbye to endless follow-ups; now, progress is crystal clear.
  • Navigate projects seamlessly: Transition from feedback to approval with ease and precision.
  • Take control of feedback: Pause comments to manage and refine feedback before finalizing changes.
  • Exclusive Pro plan advantage: Pro users benefit from sign-off, empowering teams to track review completion effortlessly.

Several ways to optimize team collaboration

Curious about how to harness these powerful features? Let’s dive into scenarios where they make a real impact:

Cross-functional marketing campaign: Let’s say your marketing, design, and sales teams are all working on a major marketing campaign. Each team has specific tasks that need to be completed in tandem without stepping on each other’s toes.’s statuses feature lets you clearly indicate each content piece’s stage (e.g., Open for Review, Editing Content). This ensures team members know when to provide input and when to wait for updates. Then, with the sign-off feature, team members can mark tasks as complete, signaling the next team to take action.

Efficient content workflow management: As a content manager responsible for high-volume content production, managing constant review cycles can be challenging for your design team. Use’s pausing comments feature during critical revision periods to temporarily pause new feedback. This gives your team the space needed to focus on making necessary changes without distraction. Utilize statuses to clearly indicate when content is being edited and when it’s ready for review, helping streamline workflow expectations.

Ensuring compliance and multi-stakeholder review: In compliance-heavy industries, it’s super critical that all stakeholders—legal, compliance, and senior management—approve sensitive content before going live.’s sign-off feature automates this process. Stakeholders can indicate when they’ve completed their review, providing a clear, trackable indicator that all feedback is addressed. This streamlines approval processes, crucial for meticulous checks and approvals by multiple parties.

Supporting sales processes: Your sales team is preparing materials for an upcoming client presentation, but continuous feedback from various departments is causing delays. Utilize’s pausing comments feature to temporarily block new feedback during critical revision phases. This allows the sales team to focus on finalizing their materials without distractions. Once all necessary input is gathered and integrated, the sales team can confidently proceed, knowing their content is polished and approved.

(Even more) structured review management: Several team members are offering feedback on an asset, but the process feels chaotic and disorganized. Use MarkUp’s pausing comments feature to establish structured review periods. During these phases, feedback is gathered, and comments are paused to facilitate focused revisions. Statuses clearly indicate each project’s stage, while the sign-off feature ensures all reviewers finish their tasks before progressing.

It’s a new era for project clarity and control

We can’t wait for you to start using statuses, sign-off, and pausing comments and see the difference they make in your workflow. Whether you love these new features or have suggestions to enhance their integration into your workflow, join our Slack community, leave comments, and share your thoughts with us.

Ready to explore these powerful new tools? Give them a try now and unlock the full potential of

Frequently asked questions

Q: What exactly is the pausing comments feature?

A: It’s a new feature for MarkUp Pro that lets admins and owners temporarily disable new comments on their MarkUps. This helps keep focus during reviews and ensures feedback is addressed before moving forward.

Q: How do I change a project’s status?

A: Admins and MarkUp owners can change the status by selecting from the dropdown menu within the project.

Q: How does the sign-off feature work?

A: The sign-off feature allows Pro plan users to indicate they’ve completed their part of the review by clicking the sign-off button and optionally adding a note.

Q: How does the pausing comments feature work?

A: Admins and owners will have a toggle switch within the interface to pause or resume new comments. When paused, users will see indicators and receive notifications that new comments are temporarily disabled. This feature is accessible through directly or via integrated apps like Slack and Microsoft Teams for added convenience.

Q: Is sign-off available on all plans?

A: No, sign-off with the sign-off note is an exclusive feature available only on our Pro, Enterprise or Ceros plans.