9 best RedPen alternatives to optimize your feedback process

We all know and love RedPen. 

You know it as the fastest feedback tool creative teams use to streamline their review and approval process. 

But sadly, this beloved feedback tool kinda got stuck in the past. Like waaay in the past. Almost in the dinosaur era. 

So, sadly—

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Now what? You can’t use the RedPen tool anymore. Do you go back to long email threads and post-its? 

No way!

Wipe your tears. To help you move on, here’s a list of top-notch alternatives custom-made for you. 

With these tools, you’ll get back into the feedback groove in no time. 

Let’s get to it!

Disclaimer: The information below is accurate as of May 7, 2024.

Table of Contents

An overview of RedPen alternatives 

We know. Breaking up with someone is hard. So is switching to another tool. It’s awkward to say ‘Goodbye’ and messy. 

Plus, all you want to do is grab a bucket of ice cream. And binge-watch your favorite TV show. 

Later, you wonder if you can find a tool that’s the right match for you. Or if it’s just another fish in the pool. 😑

Don’t worry! This article is chock-full of rebound tools that’ll make you forget RedPen in no time. 

Comparison chart sharing an overview of nine RedPen alternatives' key features and pricing plans.
RedPen who? Meet your new rebound tools!

With these alternatives, you can:

  • Request and receive feedback.
  • Collaborate with teammates, clients, and stakeholders.
  • Share digital files with ease. 
  • Organize files into folders for smooth structure. 
  • Improve productivity.
  • Stay in sync with the progress of the project. 

Wanna learn more about these tools? 

Let’s talk about them in detail.

Alternative #1: MarkUp.io

Ever since RedPen.io became inactive, it’s been difficult to request feedback from clients. 

Now, you take several screenshots. And send them via email with a short description. 

A process you thought you’d parted ways with a long time ago. 

Well, with MarkUp.io, you don’t have to revert to the old way of requesting feedback any longer.

It’s a collaborative platform that allows you to request and receive feedback with ease. 

Screenshot of RedPen alternative MarkUp.io

On MarkUp.io, all your feedback is organized in a centralized location so you can say goodbye to the endless back-and-forth you’re used to on multiple channels. 

All you have to do is simply:

  • Upload your digital file to MarkUp.io. 
  • Share live URLs with collaborators.
  • Wait for them to point and click to give contextual feedback.

Simply put, MarkUp.io has an easy review and approval process that anyone can implement. 

And if you wanna review a website, MarkUp offers a Google Chrome extension you can add to your browser for quick annotation.


Wondering what else MarkUp.io has in store for you? Here are some of its benefits:

  • Supports a variety of file formats such as live websites, HTML, images, videos, PDFs, prototypes, and more.
  • Creates comment threads so communications are centralized. 
  • Allows @Mentions to tag collaborators.
  • Integrates with external apps such as Zapier, Slack, and Microsoft Teams for an efficient workflow.
  • Provides Folders so you can organize digital files with ease.
  • Permits visual annotation
  • Offers a Loom integration, so users can attach video recordings to comments. 


We know that sometimes hearing what other users think of a product can give you all the proof you need to give it a try. 

When users on Trustpilot were asked what they thought of MarkUp.io, they gave it 4.8/5 stars. 🤩

Screenshot of a 4.8 star review given to MarkUp.io on Trustpilot
Image Source: Trustpilot

Not too bad, eh?


MarkUp.io offers a free version with two paid pricing tiers. 

Screenshot of MarkUp.io's three plan: a free plan, a Pro plan, and an Enterprise plan.

The free version provides you with the basic functions you need to request and receive feedback. You get one Workspace that allows you to have 5 active MarkUps as long as they’re not more than 10GB in size. 

But if you have more projects, the Pro plan is a great option to consider. You get one Workspace, unlimited MarkUps, 500 GB worth of storage, Folders, and more.  

Finally, there’s a custom-priced Enterprise plan available on demand.

Alternative #2: GoVisually

Meet GoVisually. Your next potential partner. 

It’s a visual feedback tool that makes you forget about RedPen. And give you the gift of fast feedback in return. 

GoVisually's homepage reads, "Speed up your creative projects with fast feedback & approval."
Image Source: GoVisually

You can invite reviewers to a project whether they have an account or not. 

Everyone can leave comments, request additional changes, and give their approvals. All in one swoop! 


This Redpen alternative enters the feedback scene with features such as:

  • Visual annotations to point and add comments to projects.
  • A mobile version so collaborators can work on the go.
  • Project archiving to ensure nothing is lost. 
  • Organization of all your designs, helping you manage teams, collaborators, revisions, and approvals. 
  • Integration with third-party apps like Slack.
  • Private comments and file attachments if you wanna engage with your teammates alone.


GoVisually has a rating of 4.4/5 on Capterra. Overall, users consider it to be an efficient tool. 

A screenshot from Capterra shows GoVisually is rated 4.4 overall, 4.3 for ease of use, and 4.6 for customer service.
Image Source: Capterra


GoVisually has a Solo plan that starts at $20 per month and a Professional plan at $50 per month. 

Screenshot showing GoVisually's Professional plan is $50 monthly and its Custom plan pricing is available upon request.
Image Source: GoVisually

Then, there’s also a custom plan available upon request for organizations and large teams. 

Alternative #3: Filestage

Love is in the air! 🫶 Filestage knows how to make designers happy. Let’s get to know it better.

It’s a web-based review tool that can help you get feedback on different files in no time. 

Screenshot of Filestage's homepage reads, "Get feedback and approval on any content-without the chaos."
Image Source: Filestage

With this tool, you can create a workflow for different projects, share files, discuss feedback, and track approvals.

It’s a team collaboration tool that helps ensure everyone involved in a project is on the same page.


Here are some of Filestage’s key features:

  • Unlimited file sharing.
  • Comment threads remove the need for back-and-forth emails.
  • Single-click approvals to avoid bottlenecks. 
  • Insights to know what’s up with your review process.
  • Annotations for providing context during reviews. 
  • Version comparison so you know what’s changed on a file. 


So, what are users saying about Filestage? They gave it a 4.6/5 star rating on G2.

Screenshot displays 236 reviews on Filestage, with an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.
Image Source: G2


Filestage has four pricing plans you can choose with the least starting at $49 per month. 

Filestage's Basic plan is $59/month, and its Professional plan is $299/month. Enterprise pricing is available upon request.
Image Source: Filestage

Alternative #4: Pastel

You’re on a blind date. And you see Pastel standing in front of you. 

You’re intrigued by the name. And you want to get to know it better. So, let’s begin!

Pastel is another RedPen alternative you can use for requesting reviews and approvals. Users can leave comments on anything from live websites, PDFs, and image assets. 

Screenshot of Pastel's homepage reads, "Approve marketing collateral 2x faster."
Image Source: Pastel

This web app unites every task in a single location. As a result, stakeholders and colleagues can collaborate better. 

You can also create a personalized template when working on Pastel. 

Assigning work statuses lets everyone know what’s done. Or what still needs some work. And, most importantly, who’s working on what. 


Pastel is considered a proper RedPen alternative thanks to features such as: 

  • Unlimited guests so you can get user feedback from anyone in real time. 
  • @Mention to tag someone and get their attention. 
  • Responsive site test to know if a website is responsive or not. 
  • Feedback control so you can pause and resume commenting at will. 
  • Labels for organizing feedback and sharing progress with ease. 
  • Copying changes on any website. 


Out of the 12 users asked about Pastel, they rated the tool 4.6/5 on G2. 

The 12 reviews for Pastel have an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.
Image Source: G2


Pastel offers four pricing plans to users:

  • Free Forever: A free version.
  • Solo: $24/mo.
  • Studio: $83/mo.
  • Enterprise: $350/mo.
Screenshot of Pastel's pricing page

Image Source: Pastel

Alternative #5: ProofHub

What recommends ProofHub? Hmm…

Well, it’s primarily a project management software. But it also has a side job. It entails being a valuable platform that helps teams get approval for their projects. 

ProofHub's homepage reads, "The one place for all your projects and team collaboration."
Image Source: ProofHub

So, what can you do with ProofHub? Let’s see. Create a custom workflow to monitor projects from start to finish. And make sure everyone is on the same page with you. 

It even has a chat feature that helps speed up communication with teams and clients in real time. You can have personal or group conversations when using the software. 


Let’s take a look at some of its features:

  • File and docs to upload files, organize them, and share them with other users. 
  • Notes for sharing details about the project. 
  • @Mention to tag people. 
  • Discussion for creating discussion topics and sharing ideas. 
  • Annotation for contextual comments.
  • File versioning so you can keep track of changes alongside another older version.


ProofHub has a review rating of 4.6/5 on Capterra which is quite impressive, to say the least. 

Image Source: Capterra


ProofHub offers two paid pricing plans — the Essential plan starting at $45/mo and the Ultimate Control plan at $89/mo (when billed annually).

Screenshot of ProofHub pricing page
Image Source: ProofHub

Alternative #6: ClickUp

Another top contender is ClickUp, a management app. And it’s quite the stud. 😉

It can bring you wine and breakfast in bed. Aka, it does multiple stuff like plan, manage, and track from start to finish. 

So, if you want a partner that cares about your needs, match with ClickUp.

ClickUp's homepage reads, "One app to replace them all."
Image Source: ClickUp

It also doubles as a collaboration tool creative teams for to share digital files. Users can also brainstorm ideas and request feedback internally and from stakeholders. 

So, let’s say you have a design or marketing project. ClickUp automates your review and approval process so there are no delays. 


Here are major features that make ClickUp a worthy RedPen alternative: 

  • Whiteboard for brainstorming ideas and bringing them to life. 
  • Comments to share feedback on any task on ClickUp.
  • @Mentions to assign comments to teammates and collaborators. 
  • Annotations so reviewers can proof projects with ease. 
  • Email notifications when changes are made. 


ClickUp has gathered quite a following, perhaps because it’s an all-in-one tool. 

Anyway, users rated ClickUp 4.7/5 on Capterra. 

Image Source: Capterra


The collaboration tool comes with one free plan and three paid pricing plans starting at $7 per member, per month. 

ClickUp's Unlimited plan is $7 monthly, its Business plan is $12 monthly, and Enterprise pricing is available upon request.
Image Source: ClickUp

Alternative #7: Marker.io

In need of a RedPen alternative strictly for your website projects? Then, you should check out Marker.io. 

It’s a website-feedback and bug-reporting tool that allows users to leave comments on your projects. 

Marker.io's homepage reads, "Send feedback and bug reports without leaving your website."
Image Source: Marker.io

You can collect feedback from teammates or clients to decipher what they think of the website. Or ask users directly about where to improve.

Plus, you get a video showing exactly what users interacted with while testing the site. 


Marker.io’s main features include:

  • Website annotation so your reviewers can share their comments. 
  • Session replay to watch a video of the customer feedback. 
  • Automatic status-sync to notify everyone changes are made to the project. 
  • Guest portal for clients and stakeholders to have an overview of reported issues. 
  • Bug tracking and reporting to manage user feedback.


Marker.io has just 20 reviews on G2, but still has an impressive 4.7/5 star rating. 

21 Marker.io reviews have been left on G2 for an average rating of 4.7.
Image Source: G2


Marker.io has three paid plans available and a 15-day free trial. They are: 

  • Starter at $39/mo.
  • Team at $99/mo.
  • Company at $259/mo.
Screenshot of Marker.io's pricing page
Image Source: Marker.io

Alternative #8: DesignDrop

DesignDrop will put a smile on your face. It’s the perfect rebound! But what makes it so great?

Well, it’s an easy-to-use feedback tool for requesting reviews on design files like wireframes.

DesignDrop's homepage reads, "A better way to conduct design reviews."
Image Source: DesignDrop

So if you’re working on design projects, you just have to follow these steps:

  • Upload your design to the platform as long as it’s in PNG or JPG format and doesn’t exceed 20MB. 
  • Share the URL. 
  • Receive feedback when reviewers are done annotating. 


Even though it’s a simple tool, it can still get the job done because of features such as: 

  • Visual annotation to specify elements when reviewing the design.
  • Short URL to share the design review with ease. 
  • Real-time commenting


DesignDrop has no official rating on communities like G2 or Capterra. But users have many nice things to say about it. 

Three testimonials on a webpage praising Design Drop for aiding projects in graphic and industrial design.
Image Source: DesignDrop


Aside from being simple, DesignDrop is currently a free review tool. According to the people behind it, it’s still in the beta phase so maybe things will change in the future.

Alternative #9: Approval.studio

Approval.studio might be last on our list. But don’t underestimate it! It’s still a sweet software built for digital designs and art projects. 

And one that you’ll adore

Approval Studio's homepage reads, "Design review tool for smart team collaboration."
Image Source: Approval.studio

This design feedback tool helps people streamline their review process. “But how?” you might wonder. 

By ensuring everyone is on the same page. Without the traditional email back-and-forth. 😉


Approval.studio comes with an array of important features, including: 

  • Annotations to mark areas you wanna comment on. 
  • Chat-a-like discussions to engage with reviewers on the tool. 
  • Live comparisons to view different versions, before and after feedback.
  • Project history for monitoring the project’s progress.
  • Task management to delegate tasks to reviewers and teammates.  


So, do users consider this tool to be an effective one? Well, the G2 community gave it a 4.9/5 star rating. That says something about the review software. 

30 Approval Studio reviews have been left on G2 for an average of 4.9/5 stars.
Image Source: G2


Approval.studio offers four paid plans:

  • Lite plan at $45/mo.
  • Pro plan at $135/mo.
  • Pro XL plan at $255/mo. 
  • Enterprise plan at $5,999/yr.
Approval Studio pricing
Image Source: Approval.studio


And that brings us to the end of our brief expedition into alternative RedPen universes.  

Some other alternatives you can also consider include Asana, ProjectHuddle, and zipBoard. 

Have any of these new worlds (tools) caught your attention yet? 

If you’re still unsure about how to move forward, we know of a solution that can help. 🤭

Enjoy a smooth feedback process with the right tool

If the goal is to have a streamlined feedback process, then you’re gonna fall head over heels for MarkUp.io.

It’s a collaboration tool so simple to use that you’ll think it’s a dream. 

You’ll have projects reviewed and delivered to you in minutes. And you even have time to drink your coffee in peace. 😉

Sign up for a free trial with MarkUp.io so you can start riding the smooth feedback wave.